Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Patrick was lucky enough to get a 4 day weekend this past weekend. So we bought the tickets, flew to Vegas then to Reno and then Drove to Lundy....but it was all worth it.

Jubilee and Lundy enjoying the family picnic.

Grandfather making my girls go with him so that he can try to catch swallowtails.

Kerry and Lincoln having a great time together.

Kaela and Lincoln playing together

Kerry and Gary with all of their Grand babies

Believe it or not this was the best picture of us...imagine what the others looked like!

Vicki with Jubilee, Angie (the dog) and Lundy

Nathan with Gage, Willow and their cousin Zack

Scott and Karen with Katriel, Kaela and Samuel

Lincoln loving on Jelly Beans.

Kerry and Gary with their kids.

A reenactment of pictures with the kids when they were much much smaller.

The most expensive gas that we came across on our trip. This was in Bridgeport, CA.
A few Youngs decided to hike from Saddle Bag Lake down to Lundy. A few of the few were regretting it the next day. I'll give you a hint, I was one of them!

The end of our hike turned a bit ugly when the path had been covered over by a shale slide. We had to pick our way down an outcropping that had no discernable path and was tricky in places.

Just across Saddle Bag. The view and the weather were beautiful.

Patrick taking a quick rest before the fun really begins.

Our hiking group--Patrick with Lincoln, Bethanie, Vicki with Lundy (the person not the lake), Sabrina and Tyson with Titus.

Hiking down Lundy canyon.

The view from the top.

Patrick and Vicki enjoying the hike....before it got all hard and frustrating.

Lincoln resting after a long hike.

Sabrina trying to convince Titus that it wasn't time to fish.

Tyson taking a rest in the middle of the stream.

Lundy so happy that it's all over.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The fruits of a different kind of labor. While Patrick was in California playing war the girls and I worked very hard on our garden and had enough left over dirt that we were able to plant flowers out front.

I picked one kind of flower and the girls picked the rest. I think that it all turned out quite lovely.

Here are our baby corn plants. All but 2 of our seeds have sprouted. We are very excited.

This is our whole garden. It's still a bit pitiful at the moment but I think that by July it'll be looking much more gardeny and much less dirt patchy.
I didn't manage to get an update for 7 month old Lincoln. Not that we didn't get to the doctor I just didn't get it on the blog. Lincoln got all sorts of sick this month. He had a viral cold, then impetigo, the a yeast infection under his chin. Now he's got a viral rash. 7 months has not been good to Link. He has however gotten 3 teeth.

Lincoln wasn't interested in eating his peas, but drinking them was a whole different story.

This is the aftermath of drinking peas when the cat goes by...not too pretty.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We had a wonderful trip out to Ellensburg, Wa. Lincoln got to meet a ton of his family, see some chickens and turkeys and attend his first wedding as well.

Lincoln is getting to know Grandad a little better. This was the first time they met.

The only baby tub and Grammy and Grandad's is in the sink, Lincoln loved it!

Camden couldn't get enough of Grandad and Grammys hats. He particularly loved Grandads, made him feel like a farmer.

Camden usually gave Lincoln Grammys hat. Though on Lincoln it looked more like a sombrero.

My cutie pie nephew Camden, he's almost one.

Cam and Link love playing together. They were so close that whenever Lincoln would cry Cam would start too.

Lincoln playing peek a boo with Grammys hat.

My cousin Cody got married on the 16th. We were very lucky to get to go but thanks to MANY nice people we got to. Patrick was still in Ca, the girls went to Grandma's house so only Lincoln and I went but I sure was glad to be able to.

Here is the Whalen contingent at the wedding. It was hard to get the babies to look they were ready to party!
Lincoln, Bethanie, Barbara, Terry, Travis, Dan--Blythe, Camden, Mariah--Mark, Audrey, Beth, Alyssa

Here is Lincoln with Tom, my cousin's husband.

More Whalens closing down the reception. From the left it's Taylor, Blythe, Mariah, Camden, Gram and my uncle Terry.

Lincoln was all partied out and Grammy is just so comfy to sleep on.

Camden tasting his first Champagne! No, not really. It's bubbly apple juice.

Mom and Dan with Link. Lincoln is post nap. Doesn't he look like a little bull dog?

Here is my cousin Cody and his bride Ashley cutting their cake. The wedding was lovely and the food was awesome.

This is Aubrey, my cousin Blythe's daughter. She kind of looks like Mariah when she was little.

Blythe supporting Link. This wasn't the first glass that he had drained at the wedding.

Family Day at Mom and Dan's house. A bunch of people came over most of whom I didn't get a picture of...not surprising!

This is my niece Alyssa with Link. She's not so comfortable around babies.

This little group was difficult, they would never all look the same direction. But at least in this one you can see all of their faces.

This is my sister Stephanie's family. Chris, Mark and Alyssa.

Camden checking out his early first birthday cake.

Apparently Mariah is a really loud blower she had to cover Cam's ears to protect him.

Gram with Liam and Lincoln. Link really wanted Liam's binki so in retaliation Liam took Lincoln's sock.

All of Mom and Dan's kids plus a very sweet Suzanne.

Josh and Suzanne having a good time at the get together.

Gram with little Lincoln Badinkin.

All the Grand babies. The were quite a wiggly bunch but oh so handsome.

Me and Ri hanging out as always.

Mariah and Liam