Saturday, March 01, 2014

On board the ship.  Let the fun begin!

Fun Slide! if you are under 10 (sad face for B)

A huge screen by the family pool.  It usually had movies on but I crushed the trivia when they'd let me.  Also the best french fries I've ever had were served at this pool.

Patrick teaching the girls the basics (before I crushed him under my Roman sandals).

I think they might need more practice.

Lincoln learning from the masters husband, ha!

They were serious about who could use these bathrooms.

Okay, maybe not really but still, some seriously fancy people on those signs.

The man who took care of our room was super nice and left us (and everyone else) lovely towel animals every night.

Our tanned and loverly children dressed for a night of frivolity, or maybe just dinner.

Bond is ready for dinner as well.

I think we clean up rather nicely.

This little duck looked much better before Lincoln jumped on the bed.  There was no fixing him.

Very elephantish.

His future's so bright.

If you took the monkey face off it looked like a turkey ready for cooking.

Even Ezio found time to relax and enjoy.

As I lay tanning, and ruling the quiz I thought I should look for my kids.

They aren't in these pictures...oh well, time to flip over.

Such delicious eyes you have.

I hear they named this ship after a valley where a battle was lost.

Goodbye cruise, hello again Italy.