Sunday, February 08, 2009

I apologize first for it taking FOREVER to get this blog updated. My second apology is for the look of it, for some reason I can't get my comments to post by the pictures, so there isn't much description.
Christmas in Washington almost didn't get to happen but Chicago finally let us go home! Don't you just love Patrick's model pose?!

Christmas in Havasu, a few days after Christmas, but still oh so much fun!

Playing games and celebrating Hanukkah with the Leavitts. Jubilee wiped the floor with us at Dradle! (This is connect four, in case you didn't know!)
Patrick and Gary took the girls out shooting. They were scared at first, but really got into it by the end of it.
The Young's and Leavitt's all met up at the beach for some rock skipping, key loosing and bucket floating.
Vicki and her girls.

The one and only picture we took in Prescott. The kids are all in the bathtub that Lundy was born in.
We went to the hanger yesterday so the kids could play pilot. They had a ton of fun, especially Lincoln.

We've been going to Cheyenne Mountain State Park on nice weekends. This is the kids favorite spot.

Patrick and I went on a cruise in December. It was our Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary and most of all our 15 months apart celebration. Our cruise hit the Southern Caribbean , it was wonderful.
San Juan was our Port. We didn't spend much time but it was very nice. Ended up in a relatively cheap B&B because our hotel didn't have our reservation for the right day. oops!

St. Thomas was our first stop. Lovely island. And if you ever take a cruise the first thing that you must know is that the whole point of going is to get really cheap jewelry.

Patrick loved the idea of some kind of industry on St. Maartin, so we took a picture.

Us loving the beach but maybe not the sand, it was the size and look of oatmeal.
Welcome to Antigua. We were very burnt so barely left the ship! But we did manage to get a nice watch for Patrick.
There is our ship, bigger than any building in the town.
St. Lucia was fun. We went on a tour where we got to see local wildlife and plants. See, look, bananas!

Patrick soaking up the sun at the beach.
Watch those waves, the water may look nice but it'll kick your ass. See the people sitting in the water, they just got knocked down!
Barbados was our last stop and our only day of organized fun. We went zip lining it was a lot of fun but I wish that there had been a few more lines.

All dressed up for fancy dancy night. Doesn't Patrick look good?

Our table mates Priscilla and Roberto. They were spending the second week of their honeymoon at sea before heading back to Brazil.
Us at the end of our cruise. Enjoying a very quiet night out on the deck.