Saturday, February 21, 2015

Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain...
Here we shopped and relaxed.

The town shopping was very European. Fortunately there was a rather large crafters market for us to spend all of our money in.

Spot the tropical bird.

Becoming one with the tree.
They were fresh out of horses.

Stepping out of the ocean to conquer new lands.
Jagged mountains surround the town.

The candy store of kids dreams.

The entire underpass was spray painted in this style.  It was very cool, very Alice in Wonderland.
Dan, if you ever get your Christmas gift, this is where we got some of it.

Um, yes please.
The best 2E I ever spent!
That was fast!

Volleyball is a must on vacation.
My super hot husband.

Happy New Year!

The evening ended up being just a bit of a blur.

This attitude lead to Lincoln be grounded.
The horse is yawning, the kid is crying, it must be time for bed.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Funchal (Maderia), Portugal

Our Boat

Our way up to the top.

I won't name names, but Aurelia is still crazy scared of heights.

The gondolas are very high off the ground.
The Church at the top of the gondola ride.

King of the wood pile!
Someone took the long way up.

These chickens are spoiled, they have their own rooms.

A Christmas tree decorated with trash ornaments.
PY was in love with this bridge.
The fast way down, 2 people ride and 2 people to steer.
The pilots get to ride a bus back up.
We had no plans on this island.  Botanical gardens it is.

Looking a bit sasquatchy there kid.
There will be many shots of flowers from here on out.  Those of a weak constitution should skip to the next post.

This island has/had a close relationship with Japan.  The garden was full of Japanese influence.

Taking the hop rocks across.

My favorite people in the world. 

You can't tell but I was having a good time.
I wish...

Patrick is all "Hey, come look at this door in the back of this cave".
Cool door indeed.
The ceiling was a bit concerning though.

"And this, duck, is how you fly"

This is either the largest vase or urn in the world. But did I take a picture of the explanation, no I did not.
Just hanging out waiting for Patrick.
Working on those Senior Picture Poses.
Pump your breaks kid, you're only in 2nd grade.
You also have a ways to go.

The girls put a flower in her hair, just to dress her up a bit.

So. Hungry.

Apparently it was just a Sasquatch kind of day.

Just taking a rest before we head back up, so that we can head back down.

The doors in this town are very cool.

I just want to see the commercial for this.
Aye, Aye!
All I want for Christmas is a longer vacation.

I missed a lot of pictures here.  Patrick had a volcano pizza for lunch.  We were thinking spicy.  NO. It came out on fire, it was amazing!