Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Traveling for work has taken Patrick to some amazing places.  He'll never post them on the blog...I'll do my best here.

PY-Boohoo, my airplane broke in Jordan. I guess I'll go back to Petra. (I'm not bitter in the slightest)
I guess the benefit of this visit is that he didn't have to run the entire thing in order to see it.
How do you spot the American's in Jordan?
The way in.

The Treasury

 It's always a competition to find the first cat in a new country.  Patrick send this to the girls.

Cats like Pringles.

It's a lonely road.

The Monastery

 Flying time

I just want to know who would even try to bring these things on a flight!?

He also went to Athens, again.  But he decided to stay in when the guys went up to the Acropolis. Plus he could see it from his hotel.

 The Tower of London
Another stop with time for sight seeing.

They still talk about us in England.

The ravens at the tower protect it.  If they ever leave Britain will fall.

Sorry, I don't have many comments on the second half.  Maybe Patrick will get on and set it straight.  Fingers crossed.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cruise in reverse!

Starting in Malaga, Spain but driving over to Gibraltar.


Driving across the runway to get to Gibraltar.

An entry cover to an apartment building (I think) but I immediately made me think of Starry Night.

From this point we could see Morocco and Spain.
From this point we could see Morocco and Spain.
Lincoln refused to leave the bus.

I've been in a fair few caves, all natural and no touchy.  This one has been converted into a concert hall, paved a bit, cut away, and lit.

A long time ago one of the stalagmites fell over.  The end was cut and polished to show the mineral layers.
Don't know the man or ape, but they look like old buddies.
We were there just in time for afternoon grooming.
Holy **** don't feed the freaking macaques!
Best nod to crappy tactics ever.
There was an edge, and this is as close as she would get to it.  Rather be hit by a car than go near the edge.
The view below.
The runway from above.

Waiting in line for her turn.

The giraffes are lined up to welcome us home.