Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Welcome to nasty Naples...but it leads to some very pretty places. PY, AY and I did this one, IY was sick and LY wanted to play on the ship. Ezio didn't even make an appearance for Naples.

You may be thinking why nasty...well it's crowded and dirty and it's practically impossible to take a picture with out power lines in the way.

But it does have it's moments.

Naples was just a pass through for us. Our destination was Pompeii.  Which was an hour long, 6 euro, completely hot and crowded train ride away, but it was worth it.  

Pompeii is HUGE, I really had no idea.  

My traveling buddies 

PY managed to wrestle the camera out of my hands.

Some features were covered in plexi to continue to preserve them.  The problem was that the plexi was dirty on the inside so it actually prevented people from seeing what it was protecting.

I feel like there is a modern mason with a sense of humor behind this.

PY and a stranger had a discussion about these giant stones in the road.

This baby has been very much rebuilt.

A surprisingly good view from the hill the bathroom was on.

Sad Face ruin.

Ruiny ruins

The tree roots fascinated me, I've never seen anything like them.

AY following a local to the less touristy area, she always has the hook up.

Down, down, down into the coliseum.

Stray dog living in the tunnel to the coliseum.  There were signs warning about the dogs.

This was not one of those signs. 

Across the street from the alternate entrance to Pompeii.

And back in we go.


The plexi problem I mentioned.

Pics from the cab ride back to Naples.  Our driver stopped to get lunch on the way...maybe that's normal.

Hard to get a picture of anything interesting because of all the junk in the way.

Disrespecting Germany at the port.

The view from our room.

This was our last stop on the cruise.  We had a day at sea before we got back to Barcelona.  I highly recommend a cruise as a way to see way too much stuff in not enough time.