Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What on earth!?

What is Lincoln looking at?

Why is Aurelia so happy?
It's all because Isabel is playing basketball!!!!!

Ever the focused player Isabel waves to the camera.

Again, completely engrossed in the game.

Practicing her secret dribble.

The chitlins enjoying a nice pre spring day.

Lincoln swaggering up the walk.

Isabel making sure the rocks are ready to harvest.

Aurelia digging a hole for future flowers.

Lincoln exploring the wilds of the garden area.

Isabel's last game of the season. I would have video but I didn't know that it was the last game, oops! She did great her last game ran, shot, passed, all the things a good ball player does.

Isabel at the end of the game, a little tired but still running.

Isa playing some killer D.

Run back hurry!