Saturday, April 28, 2007

Today, April 28th Isabel Lynn Young had an outstanding soccer game. The first half she played offense and did not score a goal, nor did anyone from her team and the other team scored five. Four from a kid that is a descended of Pele' and the other goal was from his cousin. The second half proved to be was a different story. They put Isabel at goalie and that is were it all began. Of the 20:00 minute second half, the ball was on the offensive side for the other team for 19:00 minutes. Needless to say Isabel had her work cut out for her. She stood up to the challenge boldly, stopping all 15 shots on goal, with many diving stops mixed in. The Brazilian 1st graders were shut out the second half, all because of Isabel "the wall" Young. They still lost 5-0.

Friday, April 27, 2007

SPORTS DAY!!!!!!!!!
This day is shown backwards but it's ok, you get the idea.

Here is the field for the Sky Sox, not quite as big as the biscuits but just as fun.

Lincoln enjoying his first baseball game. He did really well, I was very surprised.

Patrick fighting the cold to enjoy the game.

Isabel trying to fill the gap where her teeth have yet to grow in.

Aurelia looking awesome in my sweater.

We got there a little early, we had our section to ourselves.

Isabel playing goalie. She blocked on attempt and no one scored on her. She also scored a goal later in the game (as a player not a goalie)

Isabel's team getting ready to go.

Me and Link getting fried in the hot, hot sun.

Aurelia having a good time at her game. She didn't score any goals but she still had a good time.

Lincoln supporting his girls in his soccer outfit, with his soccer balls.

Aurelia stretching with her team.
We had a great day. The morning was hot and the afternoon was cold but it was a very fun day.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to B!!! 28 years old... man I look good! But doesn't that make some of you feel old?

A picture before the festivities began. Yes, my eyes are closed because they are now Hazel and not Brown and I'm sad so I don't want you to see.

Me opening my fabulous gifts. This one happens to be the veggie chopper for sale on TV, Rae got it for me.

This is Lincoln sad that he didn't get any gifts. I tried to explain but there is just no getting through to that kid!

Me with an enormous bite of my ice cream cake. It was and still is very yummy.

Now Lincoln's sad about not getting cake, I sware the youngest are so much trouble.

My birthday was wonderful, the best I've had in a while. Yes my eyes are no longer brown but I'm not ashamed, I just blinked! And Lincoln was very good for my party, he just didn't like his hat. Love you all!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Soccer opening ceremonies. Both the girl are in there but I don't know if you can actually see them.
Isa and Rae's numbers, Isa will get her name on her shirt this week.

The girls so happy after the ceremony, they didn't get to play though, the fields were all muddy.
Isa's team is the rowdy rascals.
Rae's team is the little kickers.

Easter Weekend.
I haven't gotten a new picture of Dad and Mill in ages and now I know why. It took me forever to get this one, Dad kept making funny faces.

Our family dressed for a sunny Easter, little did we know it wouldn't be warm at all.

My sister Samantha and her family Cat, Tyler and Tevin .
The kids had a great time hanging out.

Lincoln won the funny face competition.

Lincoln's first day of real food.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Here are a few fun pictures for you to see.

Isa and Rae with their friends Iris and Mimi. doesn't Isa look so excited or scared or on drugs?

Lincoln's not used to that bright old sun, he's used to the dark house and fake light.

Aurelia watching the pigs mow the lawn. It would be an awesome picture if only she had washed her face after lunch.

Isabel is doing the same as Rae, watching the pigs. I love her vampire look.

The pigs got a banquet on this day. Strawberries, celery and grass. Lenny loved the grass, so organic and good.

Kaylie seems to have gotten herself into a bit of a tight spot. Don't worry though, she ate her way out.
Happy 5 months to Lincoln. He's 25 inches now but the way he's acting today he'll probably be 28 tomorrow. It's been a big month for Link, he's been very busy....

Lincoln finally found an outfit that supports his favorite baseball team and matches his favorite buddy, not an easy task.

Lincoln has taken to communing with the pigs, very relaxing and fuzzy too.

He's started to show us his personality through his sense of style.

And the one that Patrick is most proud of, Lincoln beat Halo in one day.
See you all next month!

We had a great spring break. We went to Kansas to see our friends and we dragged them along to Kansas City.

Noah and Lincoln enjoying a walk near a park.
This is Sarah and Tony our friends stranded in Kansas, aren't they cute?

Patrick is doing his best to read Lincolns mind, turns out he just wanted milk.

Carter, Isabel, Aurelia and Hunter posing for a picture that none of them wanted to take. But I'm bigger than they are so I bullied them into it.

Us sitting by our fountain. Not turned on yet but still fun. Yes I have funny little bangs, I'm tryng to grow them out as fast as I can.

The kids had a great time running around the fountain until.....

If you look closely you can see Rae in mid wipe out.

The aftermath of the fall, so sad she was.

So we had a great break and loved hanging out with friends, thanks again Penaz family.