Friday, July 04, 2008

After all these years the Clark's and Swan's finally got together for a little reunion.

Camden and Michael in a tent. Michael has the most beautiful eyes.

The Rodger Clark family, minus the rest of my clan and all of Jamie's clan. Rodger, Mill, Tyler, Kat, Bethanie, Camden, Koty, Mariah, Granny Mickey, Samantha and Tevin.

Granny Mickey and her "kids".

The lucky lady herself.

Holly, Mariah, Me and Jessie. It may be hard to tell but only one of us has a tan.

I think this is the best picture I've ever gotten of Dad and Mill.

Justin, Sandi and Rex. Justin be glad I didn't pick the other picture, you looked crazy!

Haley and Mike. Mike had to make Haley not hide from the camera and I'm glad that he did.

Amy, Steve and Michael.

Holly, Dale, Chris and Jessie.

Mariah, Koty and Camden.

Granny Mickey proving to at least one of her sons that she could ride the banana.

Daring souls about to get dumped into the water. The biggest lesson learned this day, never trust...Jessie.

My favorite pale family in the whole world.

Cam showing Uncle Dale how it's really done.

Tevin and Camden testing out the water at the boat launch.

The Gilmore's, Samantha, Kat, Tevin and Tyler, and one that is still marinating.

A wonderful picture of Chris and Dale.

Tyler thinking out his next great novel.

This is how Sandi sees my dad. Not sure if it's lone man on a mountain or old man on the mountain.

The view from the top of something. Beautiful isn't it.

Tevin showing me his softer, cheesier side.

The little Divo Camden, always wanting one more shot.

How many of us does it take to set up a tent?
A final note to the Clark's and Swan's...the Young's get together every summer, the Hawthorne's get together every 3 years (I think). I'm sure that we can do better than every decade or so.

Patrick has gone native in his attempt to stay cool.
The Leavitt girls came over to Havasu for a visit.

A nice relaxing time reading the paper.

Lundy and Jubilee on their magic pony's.

Hard core bath night.

Hard to tell if they are young people or old people at the beach.

Young pyramid, great idea, hard to realize.

Isabel's second birthday party of the year.

Indoor pictures of the kids at Grandma and Grandfathers.

Lincoln trying to hold his smile even though Isabel is crowding him.

Fairy's in Arizona, who knew.

Link happy with his bee hive.
Happy girls all snuggled up on the couch.

Lizard hunting. You know it was going to happen.

The best part of the day at Grandma and Grandfathers is when the sun is low enough to get into the pool.

Lincoln getting used to the "big bath tub".

Aurelia and Grandfather practicing stunts in the water.

Isabel taking the stunt one farther.

Goggle eyes.

Aurelia's turtle eyes attracting pool turtles.

Lincoln counting off the reasons why he should get to wear goggles too.

The rough tough Link and his trusty side kick Py.