Friday, May 10, 2013

IY getting ready to VB it up!

Some people weren't so excited.

Getting ready to block it up.

Ace serve I'm pretty sure.   
She had a great time and learned a lot.  She liked it so much that she's started coming to my volleyball practices.  Granted we take it easier on her but she holds her own.

Venice in January


Venice flooded every morning that we were there.  It's normal apparently but some people, including us, didn't have the proper shoes.

Day one on the Vaporatto (water bus).

 A nice statue on the way to San Marco Square.

Up above is the bridge of sighs, the kids were sick of it by the time we left.  It was kind of our "Hey look kids, there's Big Ben".

Flooding really takes the fun out of the morning.  But they city is quick about putting up walkways for people to get about.

And then some people are like screw it, I've got wellies and I'm walking through.

I though he was free.

We didn't do a gondola ride while we were there, but I still had to take a picture of them.

Checking out some exceptionally cool books at a store run by an exceptionally rude man.

It's hard to tell they are mosaics, even from this distance.

 The view up top from San Marco and the views were loverly.
We used IY's camera in Venice and my favorite part is the panoramic setting, such fun.

"I can be just as regal at a winged lion". Funny Sea Gull.

Beady eyed little bugger.

A view of around the corner.

The statues along the top of buildings leading from the water to San Marco, they look so tiny from down low but I'm thinking they are at least human sized.

Flooding time? I think you mean bath time!

It's a pitty that all the beautiful artwork is up so high that you can't appreciate it properly from ground level.

Aurelia finally got over her fear of heights/falling to enjoy the view.

How nice to take a rest on the roof of San Marco.

Just the right size for a tiny tourist.
A picture of the road.

Piazza San Marco all dried out.  We were accosted by men with seeds,

then the pigeons cameThen the men wanted money.

Nessie surfing was once very popular in Venice.

Every camera needs panoramic.

The top of a staircase at the Doge's Palace.

Well, if you insist.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

A view of the street our apartment was on.

It was a beautifully cold day.

Trying to find a glass blowing demonstration.
The Rialto Bridge.

A view from atop the Rialto.

Nope, that's now how you do it.

There he goes!

She never looked like she was having fun but she stuck to it.  AY wasn't allowed to go, people with broken arms don't get to have fun.

Boat police!

 We took a vaporatto down the Grand Canal. Enjoy!

This building is almost completely covered in mosaics, amazing.

This "statue" demanded a picture, and then money.

I love this door, it's looks like a landscape scene. Do you see the tree?

We found Amontillado

On our way to an island that is entirely cemetary.  Just past that is Murano.

Though pretty it was disappointing.

Unless you have a mausoleum you don't stay burried long in Europe, there weren't many old headstones.

The chapel on the island.

Looking back at Venice.
 It was a neat trip, an amazing amount of walking, 
 and fine family fun.  I recommend visiting in the off season, less crowded and a pinch less expensive.