Monday, August 20, 2007

This picture didn't make it into my last post but I wanted you all to see my first attempt at decorating a cake. Not too bad considering I had no idea what I was doing!
The girls were all dressed up like their build a bears and they wanted to capture the moment.

Aurelia being a lioness on the rock while Isabel is being a bird perching near by.

Patrick, Lincoln and Kerry catching a bit of shade at garden of the gods.

Aurelia striking her best supermodel pose!

Isabel being a super climber down the rocks.

Gary not far behind Isa.

Lincoln making his way up the rocks. He was trying for the youngest rock climber ever!

Isa, Kerry and Rae trying so see which way to go.

Aurelia opening one of her early birthday gifts.

Daddy and Isa checking out Rae's new piano.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We got to go up to Alliance this past weekend. It was a lot of fun, except for when Patrick and Dad watched golf, then it was sooooo boring! By the way, all of these pictures are in reverse order!)

Dad and Mill with most of the grand kids.

Kids with the grand kids.

Me with the grand kids. It was so bright I couldn't look.

An awesome picture of the cousins.

Link couldn't wait for picture time, he needed a nap and Papaw was mighty comfortable.

Lincoln didn't like the new baby leash that we got him.

Aurelia wants to hold the whole snake, not just the body.

Tyler checking things out.

Lincoln pinching Aurora's cheeks.

Dad and Mill put together a Barbecue for Patrick. The food was amazing.

Tyler riding the little Harley.

Aurelia peeling out.

Isabel taking Link for a ride, he loved it.

Aurora's birthday party.


Swimming before cake.

Lincoln loving baseball.

A rare monkey found only in the Stanley's front yard.

Me with Jon, Kellan (sorry boys can't tell which is which!) Caren and Steve.

Me and Caren, I remember when she was bigger than me, oh those were the days.

Amy with her youngest daughter Gracie.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hooray! Lincoln is now 9 months old. He's not grown much, if he doesn't grow soon we are going to put him on the rack, just to add a few inches you know! He's got a few new tricks these days. He can clap, walk with the help of furniture, he stood once for a few seconds and he said his first word, ISA.

Isabel playing train master and taking Link for a ride on the Young Express.

Link once again so proud to be sitting on the stairs.
See you all next month.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The kiddos and I went to a post function. Not our usual thing but they had all sorts of fun stuff for the kids to do.

Lincoln and Zachary had a great time hanging out.

The girls got their beautiful faces painted.

Link looking very bored waiting in the food line.

Petting a Reindeer. Did you know that when the velvet is still on the antlers they are so fragile that they can be broken off? Well, now you do!

Aurelia checking out the goats. She wanted to know what kind Grammy and Grandad are going to get.

Llama petting.

My sister and her family came up for a visit a few weeks back. It was so nice to get to hang out with them. Though I don't think that they appreciated our lack of air conditioner!

Link and Cam in their matching shirts. I think that the shirts are perfect for both of those wild men!

Camden being manly and building something manly....manly, manly, manly!

Cam having a snack, it's hard to tell but he does love his carrots.

Cousin bath time. Cam wasn't digging sharing a tub with the Youngs.

Patrick flying off to Texas. Mariah, Koty and Camden came out to see him off. Patrick is in the Kiowa farthest away.

Camden enjoying the view from above. I think Koty is just glad that Cam isn't drooling on his head!

Kissing cousins.

Koty, Mariah, Camden, Lincoln, Aurelia and Isabel all snuggled up on the red couch.

The fabulous Cowgill family.