Monday, July 23, 2012

Opel Zoo

This zoo was so confusing.  Parking was a nightmare because there was no parking lot. We couldn't figure out where to pay.  We saw half of the zoo for free, just waiting for someone to be like hey, where's you ticket.  And then we realized that you can see half of the zoo for free and we didn't feel like paying 75Euro to see the other half.  But it was a great half zoo.  They had vending machines where you could buy food pellets and you could get carrots at the gift shop and you could feed any animal that would come near you.  The only warning you got was if they had a snippy bird in the habitat.  And no you couldn't feed the carnivores.

Goats of all ages, the babies are sooo cute.

My kids with some other kids.

Giraffes and Zebras just hanging out.

I don't know if licking the wall while in time out is the best way to get out but this giraffe seems to think it'll do the trick.

Some kind of stripey dear thing.

Brown Hyena, they didn't want to be seen.

A boy was feeding this guy and he was loving it.

Another kind of deer.

A wart hog family, they look crazy.

Same deer as the last deer.

These monkeys were a riot, they kept hitting the glass and yelling at these little boys that had their faces pressed against the glass.

Baby Red Deer

Momma Red Deer

Some kind of pretty bird
and its suspicious cage mate.

Lonely monkey

Hungry, Hungry, Hippo

You are mistaken in thinking that these Canadian Geese just happened to be here like every zoo I've ever been too.  These guys were part of a duck exhibit, hilarious.

Some tiny deer thing

The fattest pig with the loudest snores I've ever heard.  The best bit was that there was a very fat man standing above him but I didn't get the picture in time.  They were brothers.

Red Panda


She was biting at the fence, I wonder if their ancestors were Raptors.

Another kind of deer

Shy Cheetah

Willing to be photographed Cheetah
Some guy with horns in the Africa section


Wild children, rarely seen in captivity

A tiny crazy monkey-man hybrid

The elephants had the worst habitat, I'm thinking they were just put here while theirs was under construction.

At least he had a buddy.

Turtles!  This habitat was far to small for the number of turtles that were in here.
But on the bright side they had read eared guys.

Yummy lunch

Getting to my space was a nightmare, getting out of  this place was worse.


We left a day early for vacation and stayed in Munich.  We'll be going again in the fall for Oktoberfest and probably see the old Olympic stuff too.  But this visit was very fun, we saw the Glockenspiel and did a little shopping, saw some friends and did something really weird, ate American food.

Monkey playing paddle ball.

Scared Dog

Man with plants.

Man in time out.

A Pinocchio like street performer.  He came out just before time for the Glockenspiel Started moving.  Our kids wouldn't go near him.

The Glockenspiel was really neat but required binoculars to see what was really happening.  But there were knights jousting and people dancing, all mechanical of course.

Oooh, red knight lost, he got knocked back on his horse.

This just might be my favorite door knob of all time.

Normally we go for the German food but today we wanted AC.  It's been really mild at home but it's not so mild south of us.

No worries friends, I still don't drink beer but I always try Patrick's just to see if there is one out there that I do like.

Daniel's Halloween costume, Freddy Mercury's jump suit.

The front of a barrell of beer on the wall at this HUGE beer hall.  Not impressed, you will be.

Told you!

Munich's sewer covers aren't my favorite but they are still cool and sitll way better than any that I've seen back home.

Beautiful Flowers

So this is where Aslan goes when he's not helping Narnia.

Link needed a ride too.

A fun little piece at the entrance to the kids toy museum.  Which by the way Patrick really wanted to see, but I'm pretty sure he would have regretted it had we gone.

A bronze woman at the entrance of the market area we were in.  Obviously a fair few perverted people pass by here.  But someone was nice enough to bring her flowers.

All of the fresh fruit here is amazing, just amazing.