Saturday, April 05, 2008

A few candid dog shots.

Well this is Aurelia, not a dog, but what is she doing in a dog cage?

Darn it missed him again, this time he trapped Lincoln in his cage.

AH HA! There he is, I finally caught him!
The Girl Scouts had a sock hop, they even had a soda jerk serving root beer floats. The pictures are in reverse order, sorry.

The hop in full swing, almost all the girls had on poodle skirts.

Danny was here in case the Scorpions came and wanted to rumble.

Me being a wall flower.

Aurelia and Isabel working hard on their dance steps.

Lincoln checking out the camera and it checking him out in return.

Aurelia the sock hopper.

Isabel the poodle skirt girl, she won best dressed.

Happy Easter in Ellensburg, WA

The day was gloomy but it couldn't keep us down.

Isabel all dressed up and watching cartoonies.

Aurelia happy to be in her pretty dress.

Our munchkins.

Lincoln found the first egg, I was pretty impressed with him.

Aurelia finding one of her eggs.

Isabel happy with her find.

Being creative with Easter gifts.

Look kids! It's the Easter Beagle!