Sunday, January 20, 2008

Patrick showing off his Iraqi snow. They only got a dusting but there was still enough for a snowball.

Patrick looking all handsome in the snow.

A hill with and bunker and some snow.
Just a few super new pictures of the kids.

Lincoln looking all handsome.

Aurelia the animal fairy.

Isabel the fairy of tiny animals.
We had a very sick, sad house last week. Lincoln and Isabel were looking and feeling like death warmed over. Fortunately through the miracle of antibiotics they are all better now.

Isabel and Rae got some fun games from Burger King. So we had family game night and kept score like on Who's Line.

A ferocious battle of Lack of Air Hockey.

Rae had a bit of a court advantage during ping pong.

Lincoln trying out bowling. Grandad had to give him a few pointers.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Patrick sent home a few pictures of his daily life to share with everyone.

Before a flight, just getting ready to go and posing for a picture all at the same time.

Patrick and Chris, I assume before they flew together. Patrick and Chris are roomies.

Patrick admiring an old bunker.

Some kind of strange eternal flame thing. Oil seeps up from the ground to feed the flame. Apparently not even Saddam could put it out.

An overhead view of a local market.

There is still time to have a little fun between the flying. Poor Issac.

Patrick relaxing in his room. His screen saver is the California flag.