Sunday, January 28, 2007

A few Lincoln pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Already practicing driving. I have good technique! (Patrick did this as a baby also)

Those giggling girls are just too loud, I need some peace and quiet.
We all got fancied up to go shopping yesterday. Thought you all would like to see.

Patrick the perfectionist. We had to take 3 pictures before the photographer (me) got sick of his super star ways and made him pick his favorite.

I got the whole ball rolling because I got dressed and didn't put on other pj's or sweat pants. My photographer made me laugh so I have an even bigger smile than normal.

Isabel was more than willing to pose for her toothless picture. She spent the whole morning trying to get it out, then spent a few hours going back to the bathroom to look at her missing tooth and trying to find her big tooth.

Aurelia is always good for a over zealous smile! I had to tell her to relax a bit, this is what we got. I think that she was just really excited to go shopping with friends.

Lincoln went all out in getting dressed. He was thinking preppy frat boy while he was picking out clothes. The only problem was that I couldn't get his picture to turn upright!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Patrick and I were busy over Christmas break making the girls' rooms more their own. They chose their room colors and I chose the bathroom colors to match their towles.

Stripes are not so easy to do on a textured wall but I think it turned out nicely.

Aurelia wanted a jungle green room. She missed by a few shades but she loves it. Her room is so bright that even Lenny looks green!

Isabel's room is very her, quiet and pretty. Originally Isabel wanted pink but got mad at Rae about something and decided on blue.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Patrick's cross country flight through the mountains.

Near Canon city

Our trip to go get the girls and Patrick's birthday.

Stopped for no reason

Windy weather

Lincoln enjoying a pit stop in New Mexico

A picture to honor Mommy

Happy 28th birthday!

Grandfather and Grandson spending some quality time

Grandma and the munchkins

Happy 2 months to Lincoln. He seemed to handle the big day well considering that he got 3 shots and an oral vaccine.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lincoln and I had a great visit to San Antonio. We ate too much, shopped too much, got to watch basketball and slept just enough. It was so much fun getting to play with Cam, he's such a clown!
Cousins on the go

Camden isn't sure about this whole self portrait thing.

Happy Baptism day.

Beautiful family (Mariah, Camden and Koty)

The beginning of a long peeping tom career.

What's a little canibalism between cousins?

Or wrestling for that matter?

Sing with me now..Lean on me...

Twin day.

Family reunion in the Home Depot parking lot.

Lincoln meeting Grandma for the first time.

Pretending to fly a Kiowa

Lincoln decided that a nap was better than a turn in the cockpit.

Daddy showing the girls how to fly.

Beautiful smiles.

Christmas PJ's

Lincoln trying his hardest to stay awake for Polar Express.

Isabel and Aurelia enjoying our Christmas Eve viewing of Polar Express.

Finally Christmas morning

I know I had more presents here somewhere!

Some people were a little unsure of their gifts.

Lincoln all decked out for his first Christmas.

Happy Lincoln

A dishwasher and a high chair are all Lincoln needs for nap time.