Thursday, March 15, 2007

Patrick's people flying home from Texas. He was the 5th of 7 Kiowas. Off to the left you can see Las Vegas, New Mexico not Nevada.
Patrick and a few of his buds, Evan and Chris, standing by a Kiowa. Shortly after this photo was taken 2 Mexicans tried to escape in the F18 in the background of the picture. Patrick and Chris hopped into the Kiowa and chased down the F18. Using 50 cal and hellfire rockets they brought the F18 to an untimely end. I would like to add that that it was a Canadian F18 so it was really no loss to us.

Patrick with a MI8 Hip, a Russian helicopter. Patrick single handly took over the helicopter from 8 Mexicans ,aka trans nationals, trying to get into the states. He dove onto the Hip from his Kiowa and tossed the illegals out the door and flew it back to El Paso only to discover 400 lbs of Marijuana under the floor boards. All in a days work really.
Here are a few new Link pictures.

Up first is Lincolns developing black eye. I fell while I was carrying him upstairs. It was a complete Magoo moment. He wailed of course but was fine a few minutes after the "event".

The next day with a nice shiner. I like that he looks all grumpy in this pictures. Like he's all tough and saying "you should see the other guy".

Lincolns first day of cereal. He was all ready to go.

He actually ate really well. He's the cleanest eater of all our babies. The bonus is that after he eats he sleeps for a few hours so I get to sleep for a few hours too!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A few more pictures for you to enjoy.

Lincolns's newest toy. He played with a few things but mostly drooled all over the place.

Lincoln looking very surprised by Rae's growling face.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The day we all got dressed.

All excited to go shopping.

So nice to see me out of my pjs

Patrick in Texas looking oh so cool.

4 MONTH LINCOLN - He's back ladies and gentleman, bigger and badder than ever.

And apparently very happy about it!
Lincoln is a whopping 14 pounds these days as well as 24 inches long. He rolls over from belly to back and wows the girls with he ability to burp all day long.