Friday, October 31, 2008

Hip, Hip, Halloween.

Isabel the skunk, she was the cutest, best smelling skunk I've ever seen.
Momma and baby skunk.

Aurelia the butterfly, kind of goth but so her and so beautiful.

Ah, Kindergartner angst!

The kiddos at the bank with Mitzi. Don't worry folks, there's a LOT of padding under that dress.

Lincoln the turtle. He didn't realize that he had on a turtle shell until we ate dinner and he saw himself in the window.

Happy to have a green face, which was also a surprise to him.

And me, just to prove that I do exist.

I think I was a little giddy after a long evening of sewing Isabel's costume together. OR...I was reliving my youth, so hard to decide.

Playing the coy skunk.

And the funky skunk!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dusty's had their annual Fall Festival yesterday. The kids loved it last year so of course we went again this year.

My nephew Liam, enjoying short runs up and down the trees.
Waiting oh so patiently for balloon animals.

The girls petting one enormous bunny.

Lincoln wanted a turtle on his face, he actually sat still for it.

Aurelia pretending not to love her pony ride.

Isabel openly loving hers.

The girls and their amazing faces. Isabel got a skunk and Aurelia got a butterfly. You'll see why this is all funny later.