Thursday, November 04, 2010

This summer was all about it always is. None of this is in order, just so you know! Lundy is first up, enjoy!

We went back to Chadron for a memorial service for my brother Josh. As with all services there were plenty of laughs as well as the tears.

The kids got to stay a week with Dad and Mill, I only got an afternoon. Grany Mickey came for a visit too.
Fun at the farm day!

Dad and Mill came for a nice visit and Dad helped Bob get his BIG bike put together. Oh, and our dogs in case you missed seeing them!

Gary came for a visit, some work and Aurelia's first of many birthdays.

80's work fun at the Junction Function.

Lincoln is now 4 and he got tons of great gifts but the best was that Patrick came home.

Happy Halloween and Happy Candy to all of us!

Aurelia had a party for her 8th birthday, but did I get any pictures? NO! Bad Mommy!
Volleyball this year was so much better. The coach didn't steal our money and the girls won a few games. Overall it was a good time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Me looking terribly frightening one evening after work.
Grandma gave the kids end of the school year gift cards. So they each got DS games and because of that I became "that" mom and got Lincoln a DS also. Thank you Grandma!