Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are you ready to see some castles?  I know you are,
Waiting for this boat to start puttering down the Rhein. 

Waiting and taking self portraits that is

Pretty church

Pretty crazy

The first of many castles you will see

Someone lives in this castle,

I think if I did I'd wear giant dresses and eat turkey legs every day

castle, church, home?  Your guess is as good as mine



I love a good cemetery
told you





We were there with gobs of people, but I only managed to get pictures of two of them

I'm pretty sure that this was new and made to look old

I'll take my castle with a vineyard please

By this time we were being bored out of our minds with speakers so my pictures got a natural frame

I want my church and I want it super sized

I love the broken down old church see if you can see it since I haven't edited this photo yet

old castle, old rock, crappy window frame...perfect

ahhh! The terrifying stuffed people in the lobby of the hotel.  They were the only downside, the hotel was pretty nice

Monday, May 14, 2012

A fun Day at the Taunus Wunderland!
It was chilly and we were the casseroles in our shorts but we had a good time and my favorite part is that next time we can rent out a BBQ area and the kids can go off on their own...well, I'll probably still go with Link.

PS This is a do it yourself park, not a lot of attendants, so if you get hurt it's your own fault.  It was great actually, I learned how to run the bumper cars and there was no snot nosed kid hating his job. Don't worry there were attendants on the roller coasters and the bigger rides.

Some people can't handle the rolling carpet

Just inside the entry was is their castle

Frogs that you could make sing

The men enjoying some bumper cars
Rae trying to hit people, Isa actively avoiding it

One determined driver

A non scary ride with some height, it's gotta be a first, you control how high you go and then let go and fall slowly back down.

A peddle dragon coaster, fun exercise, crafty Germans
This ride is call Be a Sioux, as he is one he was a natural

Super Swings

Bob sized bumper cars, he was so dedicated to being a good driver that he even parallel parked his car when he was done.

They may be short on trampoline flips but the do a good bum

I think this was their favorite part of the park
The slowest super slide in the world

Bob and Rae racing ish

The kid coaster was Bob's favorite ride, the girls preferred the bigger one

Enjoying a quiet spin

That .50 Euro did not go to waste here

It might have here
Link's turn for a spin



but happy

At the feeding zoo, there was no petting, there was one very aggressive sheep.  Mostly he bothered Isa but here he is with Rae

Isa enjoying the tinier residents
Link's a looker not a feeder

The tiny old west town, I didn't know people used to be so small.

We are so much bigger than they are that we have to ride on top of their train cars.

Rae was abusing the surfing ride

Isa just enjoyed it

Steering the tiny ship, couldn't get it to go anywhere but round and round

Isa and Patrick showing how cool they are
Isa finally got brave enough to go by herself

They even have a bit of an aviary here, and Rae loves a good red macaw

Ahoy matey paddle over it's time to get out
Probably the kids'(kid's? I'm pretty sure my teaching family is ashamed of me right now) second favorite place to play, the center spun, it was hilarious
It's not so easy for big kids to hold on

Told ya
Did I mention that it was Star Wars Day?
This park is very serious about their Star Wars, no crap costumes here

And a lot of people dressed up, employees or not

So this was Taunus Wunderland, we'll take you when you come to see us!