Sunday, May 11, 2008

Here are a few pics from our indoor weekend. We go from sundresses to snow boots around here.

Cute girls Skyping with Daddy.

Liam is very interested in photography, the kind involving pictures being taken of him!

Lincoln was trying his new look out as a Batman villain. No name yet but pizza face comes to mind.

Me sans makeup, not as frightening as it could be.

Isabel all smiles on movie night.

Aurelia demonstrating how the chickens drink from their water bowl.

Don't mess with Great Grammy or she'll do this.

Thirsty boys can be very resourceful.

Grandad squishing the Grand kids. It's one of their favorite games.

Isabel and her best friend Taylor, for the first time in this army brats life, a friend moved away before she did

This is one of the videos that Patrick has made while he's been gone. A few of the pictures are from when he was in Iraq last time, but it's pretty easy to tell which ones they are.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lincoln got snubbed a bit in this update so I'm putting another picture of him in.

Lincoln and his trike. I think it'll be perfect when he is 3 but for now I push him around on it.
We had the most beautiful day today. Sunny, warm and no wind to be found.

Sometimes riding bikes can be a little scary.

Unless you are riding on a nice paved trail.
And sometimes it's more fun to look through people's bags.

Riding at home is just as good as riding at the park.

And even if it starts out scary it can end up being the most fun. (Said with a Southern accent!)