Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Camp Darby Italy

Frisbee is always F U N fun!

The coast at Monterosso.  The northern most town of Cinque Terre.

We were there for the water, the sun, and some serious relaxation.

Traveling Sisters

Wait for me girls!

An outcropping on the beach, you can see it in the first picture.  And for "being afraid of heights", AY did just fine.

I post this picture only because this woman was climbing up at the same time as the kids and it made for some awkward pictures.

The Monterosso Giant.  Just chilling there, with out arms, holding something up.

I'm not sure what that something used to be but if you could have used it to dive into the ocean...that would have been good.

Next stop, Vernazza.  Ly explored this tunnel for us to see what was on the other side.  A small secluded beach, awesome.

Cinque Terre is a series of beautiful towns connected by trails with amazing views. We didn't do the trails, we took the train. Serious relaxation remember?

Our traveling buddy Danielle.

A man made harbor that was full of ocean watchers and sun bathers. 

Not that my pictures do this justice what so ever, but I guarantee you've seen this place in magazines.

We climbed their castle tower.  Not the best looking castle I've been in but it had a brilliant view. 

Back to Pisa to get the kids with the tower without having to ruin their day like last time.

Hello fros!

Danielle and the tower.  She'd been here before but had no pictures, we took care of that straight away.

It turns out that laying on the ground and taking the picture upside down works really well.  I may have looked like a lunatic but that's a daily occurrence.

While we were playing VB the kids were out playing and discovering nature.

I think they actually dug this guy up.

The kids also caught butterflies with their coats until Anna found a butterfly net.  Much more humane.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

From Harry Potter to London Town!
It was raining like crazy so these pictures are whatever I could take out of the back of the bus.

We had to sit on the upper level of the bus, obviously downstairs was full.

Some of us handled it better than others.

They are really promoting the NFL here.

Down by Piccadilly.

Trafalgar Square Lion

A giant blue rooster was on display this time.

Most of my pictures looked like this. Who knew it rained so much in London.

Rainy days really are the best days for napping.

We kept closing her mouth but it wouldn't stay.

There is some story about this clock and Churchill I think...

I like this building, it looks like the front of a ship.

Hello Tower Bridge.

Dang you auto focus.

Nice to see the Night Bus has a regular schedule

Despite the crappy day there were a few good pics to be had.

Our tour started on Baker Street.  

In truth London was a bit of a bust.  The weather was bad, half of us fell asleep and we didn't even get off to get souvenirs.  We go again this weekend, hopefully the weather is better.