Monday, September 16, 2013

 This is a very cool town.  It's very well preserved, basically because they were too broke to update, and lucky that they mostly escaped damage from the world wars.

Not too certain about entering.

So glad to be out of the car.

We ate at this place on the way in.  It was oh so good.

Enjoying the Medieval torture museum.

Happy to be in time out because whining has become his very favorite thing to do on vacation.

Miniatures of various kinds of gallows...I wonder if it was a school project.


Sitting pretty on the wall of the original city.

Be Waaaarrrre.

Who isn't?
We had to jump a turnstile to get up to the top tower.  We got yelled at over an intercom.  But we were 2 minutes we pretended we don't read German.

Aurelia stayed inside.
The view above.

The view below.

The night watchman who led our tour...pretty sure it was Eric Idle.  He was very funny.
You can buy a piece of the wall and have your name put on the section you "own".
Lincoln bought a pocket watch with his money.
It's a really neat town, very touristy, so there is a lot of people but also some good shopping.  If you ever go definitely stay for the Night Watchman's tour.
Just a few pics of a few things.

My birthday cake...slimy yet satisfying.

Due to my tragic driving directions we only got to see Tammy and Aadam Trask for a few minutes in the morning.  It was great of them to take the time to swing by and see us.

 Some more of our family made it out to visit just a couple of weeks later.  Mom, Dan and Gram got to see just a bit of Europe, hopefully they'll be back soon to see even more.

Dan and Gram down in Stuttgart for Springfest.  Mom stayed home with a sick Aurelia.

Now this is a carnival game heaven.

Dan and Bill getting into the swing of Springfest.

Even Gram got into the spirit.
Justin currently not in trouble, but just you wait.

One of the tallest Ferris Wheels I've ever seen.

Downtown Wiesbaden buying out the Market.

A happy Steiff bear.

Mom so thrilled about the Mother's Day gift she got for Gram.

We walked across the Roman ruins to a fun little park.  For a rest for the older and playtime for the younger.

Lincoln loving his free time.

Apparently Patrick is one of the younger.

Mom most definitely respecting her mother.

Even Aurelia had a good time.

It's hard to have fun and keep your clothes clean.  Isabel has managed both.

Well really, of course we did a self portrait.

The airfield

The door to the plane is just the right size for Lincoln.

Hoping for a free flight.

Two pilots in training.

Headed up to Eppstein Castle.
Our beautiful castle.  It's the only thing that people know about our town.

Getting a picture of the other shutter bug on the trip.

Taking a break before heading up the tower.

Gram and I enjoying the view from below.

It turned out to be a lovely warm day.

An exhibit in the castle museum.

The keepers house, I'd be more than happy to live there.

Isabel and Great Grammy chilling on the little couch.  Isabel had to bring home a "baby" for family and consumer science.  Fortunately it was a well behaved baby.