Monday, December 01, 2008

Dear Fans of the Young's Picture Pages,

We are back together as a family again! I want to thank everyone who supported Anie and I over the past 16 months. Your kindness was seen and felt almost everyday, in the form of packages to me and phones calls or e-mails to my wonderful wife.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pictures from the First Friday Art Walk.

Isabel and her art, sorry about the flash!

Mom and Dan all dolled up to go to the gallery and dinner.

Lincoln ready to get this party started.

Aurelia oh so excited.

The artist herself.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy 2nd birthday Lincoln!

The first gift of the night was definitely the most popular. Everyone, and I mean everyone was playing with it!

Told you so.

Getting into the birthday flow.

Lincoln's shark frenzy cup cakes. Not to shabby I say but not nearly as cool as the picture I was working from.

Our surprise birthday guest, Great Grammy.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hip, Hip, Halloween.

Isabel the skunk, she was the cutest, best smelling skunk I've ever seen.
Momma and baby skunk.

Aurelia the butterfly, kind of goth but so her and so beautiful.

Ah, Kindergartner angst!

The kiddos at the bank with Mitzi. Don't worry folks, there's a LOT of padding under that dress.

Lincoln the turtle. He didn't realize that he had on a turtle shell until we ate dinner and he saw himself in the window.

Happy to have a green face, which was also a surprise to him.

And me, just to prove that I do exist.

I think I was a little giddy after a long evening of sewing Isabel's costume together. OR...I was reliving my youth, so hard to decide.

Playing the coy skunk.

And the funky skunk!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dusty's had their annual Fall Festival yesterday. The kids loved it last year so of course we went again this year.

My nephew Liam, enjoying short runs up and down the trees.
Waiting oh so patiently for balloon animals.

The girls petting one enormous bunny.

Lincoln wanted a turtle on his face, he actually sat still for it.

Aurelia pretending not to love her pony ride.

Isabel openly loving hers.

The girls and their amazing faces. Isabel got a skunk and Aurelia got a butterfly. You'll see why this is all funny later.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First day of school pictures.

Aurelia started a few days after Isabel but she was still so excited. She has made new friends and though she says no, is learning every day.

Isabel on her first day. She was so excited to get back to school and back to her friends. And she LOVES her new teacher, which is always good.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The kids went today to get their school haircuts.

Lincoln went with the traditional fade. I think he likes it because the clippers tickle.

Aurelia likes the side sweep with layers, very classy.

Isabel decided to go fun and funky with the short hair.
We spent Labor Day weekend in Montana having a mini family reunion.

Seth, Isabel and Aubrey. Seth is actually my cousin but he's about the age of the girls.

Tiffany sitting pretty, she's Seth's sister. They are down visiting Gram from Anchorage.

Gram and Link. Yes he's in pink but when it is freezing and your coat is missing you'll do just about anything.

My Aunt Dallas, she's the inspiration for my keen fashion sense.

My cousin Blythe found out about the picture and demanded that I remove it so I did. Darn her.

Seth again playing Gandelf.

The girls crossing the river.

Short hair seems to be the thing to do in our family. Beth, Gram, Mom and Bonnie.

Lincoln enjoying the little kids merry go round.

A random, out of order picture of Patrick and I. He shaved his hair off the day before he went back to Iraq.
Cody, Ashley, Lauralei and Beth all decided to come over for a visit. It was so awesome to see them but our visit was cut short by Patrick coming home. But we got to see them later.

The kiddos chillin on the couch.

Ashely and Lauralei playing in the toy bucket.

Sweet little girl.
While Patrick was home we started Geocaching. It's a lot of fun and the kids LOVE it.

Our fearless leader charting our course.


Happy geocachers.

Pit stop by a river.

Another geocaching day, this is break time.

Just a bit of dirt in the PB&J.

Buddy the treasure hunter.

Looking for our next score.

Scouting the area.

A look out over the hills/mountains up Colockum Rd.