Friday, October 21, 2016

This museum is incredible. 
The personal audio system is narrated by 4 different points of view: a child, a young teacher, a German soldier, and an American soldier; their lives and what is happening around them. The path through the museum follows the progression of the war with a strong focus on the Battle of the Bulge. (Sadly my pictures are not necessarily in order) The narrators voices also follow the progression.

There is an interactive automated theater to immerse you in the war.

Each of these monuments tells the story of a victim of the war.

The Mardasson Memorial, dedicated to American soldiers, is just outside the museum. It's spectacular. Be sure to search the memorial, the view from above is amazing. I took pictures from each side, in the center, and of each pillar. 

The Center of the monument.




Thus concludes the saddest vacation of my life. The history, the bravery, the courage, all were on display everywhere we went. It's difficult to see everything with out thinking of the lives lost.

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