Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel
We hit up Saint Malo because I wanted awesome night shots of Mont Saint Michel...The funny bit is that I decided I didn't want to wait around for full dark. Or, maybe it's wasn't funny.

Up first, Saint Malo

Saint Malo's old city is fortified. We spent the beginning of our day on the wall.

 I wanted to see some high dive action but for some reason people weren't using the tidal filled pool.
The tide was out and so were we!

We spent our time in the tide pools. I took pictures, the kids found shells.

Mount Saint Michel


Nothing like a few good decorations on your door.

The world is full of rule followers.
Lincoln and his bear are absolutely done with this day.

I took so many pictures of this sweet little bird. A very good model in deed.

Ancient security. 
Modern Security.

I just thought this was so sweet.

 A nice day of just hanging out as a family. 

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